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Wake Forest Pet Sitting

Wake Forest pet sitting. Premium services for Wake Forest pet sitting. http://SnaggleFoot-WakeForest.com Here’s a YouTube video that shows some happy pets that are being taken care of very well by professional pet sitters. This service will be sending out some news in August 2013 as well as right now.

Dog Lover

Dog Lover
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Using Weights To Train Your Dog

Some dog lovers  use weights, such as a backpack, to train their dogs
in relation to aggressive behavior, or to use the backpack to drain some
energy prior to doing any training or exercise involving another dog.
Exercise level seriously impacts a dog’s overall behavior (as it does
with humans.

Living in NYC with a dog that can’t go to the dog run, it is sometimes
difficult to get them tired and happy.
I want to see this dog get enough physical exercise every day that he
is panting, but the FOUR HOURS of walking every day that he gets
doesn’t even impact him (unless it is hot outside).

Still, after everything that I have read, I would caution others about
using weights unless you really know what you are doing.
You don’t want to cause any joint or muscle problems.
I would rather see people work harder to get the dog more exercise,
but that’s just my position.
If people do choose this method, I agree with what you have said about
gradually getting the dog adjusted.
I would compare it to running. You wouldn’t just take a dog (or human)
who has never run for a 5 mile run. You would gradually work him into
And if a human starts running and they don’t know what they are doing,
they can cause some serious damage to their body.
After considering the potential problems, I decided not to do it, and
just find another way.
Now that the weather is nice, I am thinking of roller blading instead.

Dog Training: Building Stamina In Our Dogs

Just like in ourselves, we have to build stamina and muscle slowly in our dogs. We need to
increase the amount of weight the dog will carry slowly over time as muscle
develops. Think of it this way….you wouldn’t go to the gym and lift 50 pounds
would you? You’d start out a three or five pounds. The stronger your muscles
became the more you’d be able to lift.
I usually start out with an empty back pack simply because most dogs are
unfamiliar with wearing them. Then I add one magazine to each side of the pack.
They’re lightweight and can roll up. As the dog is building up his
muscles/stamina etc you’d increase the weight by adding a small amount (another
magazine maybe) to each side of the pack.
Now it doesn’t have to be magazines you can use an “empty” water bottle. As you’re
building the dogs muscles add a water. A quarter to each side. Increase as you go
along. Half a bottle, three quarters bottle, full bottle. Once you reach one
bottle add an empty bottle and increase the amount just as you did the first few
Get the picture? For proper dog training, just add weight slowly over time.
I never put weight on pups. As someone mentioned earlier their bones and joints
etc are still growing/fusing. So take it easy when training dogs.

Questions For The Veterinarian

My Chihuahua dog Henry is a good eater and having his brother the “vacuum” eater urges his eating fervor. Today he did the oddest thing (I always watch them because I make sure they finish and Vinnie does not bother Henry after he’s done in 2 seconds).  I put the plates down (with one of their usual fares – I make my own) and Henry dove in (maybe got a taste) then immediately laid down next to the bowl (almost like he fell). I picked up the bowl when he ran to his bed so the little dog would not eat it. It WAS a bit more juicy than normal (I add herbals, so I at times need to add a bit of water to mix them). So I drained the juice off at risk of losing the supplements and offered it to him in his bed (veterinarians: was that wrong to do?) and he ate it up in a slower fashion than normal.  Ok I understand it could have been the watery-ness he did not like but wouldn’t he have just walked away? The dropping down to the floor seemed weird and disconcerting I have never seen that ever in my dogs – eating or playing. I admit I am a worried mom always so forgive me if this is a totally stupid question. BTW he’s been nipping at his lower hind legs as if they are itchy lately. The veterinarian chalked it off to maybe the dampness is bugging him  (he has luxating patellas but presently is moving ok- we do acupuncture when its apparent and it appears to respond well to that). I am also presently seeking a chondrotin-Glucosamine supplement for him as I fear arthritis. (He is a 4 1/2 year old Chihuahua).